Cel Shader with Outline Effect in Unity

Woohoo, our first ever development blog post! Today, I want to talk about how I wrote the cel shader that we’ll use for most of the materials in the game, and how I added the outline/ highlight effect for when the player clicks on a dog.

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If you’ve never written shader code before, or used Unity, you still may get plenty out of this post, because the algorithms used to write the cel shader and the outline are applicable to any shader. If you do write shader code in Unity, you’ll find the rest of the techniques extra helpful 🙂

If you have any questions or critiques, feel free to comment. This is my first time writing shader code EVER, so I’m happy to receive constructive criticism.

This is the end result, applied to an adorable Boston Terrier model made by our lead artist Kytana Le:

finished dog shader

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